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Utah globally and state rare vascular plant lists and guide references
List of all URPG taxa by name (with links to descriptions/diagrams/photos)
Report listings based on URPG data:
(reports last updated 2/28/20)
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UNPS Rare Plant Committee lists
2016-2021 UNPS Utah Rare Plant Master List (newly added Dec. 2017; last updated 03/06/21)
PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR COMMENTS to the list above including suggested changes/additions/rankings to: unps@unps.org
Calochortiana Num. 3 May 2016 contains the UNPS Rare Plant List "Version 2" and is the latest published list
Calochortiana Num. 1 Dec. 2012 the UNPS Rare Plant List "Version 1" (see Version 2 which is the update list)
Developing a Utah Rare Plant List Nov. 2009 Sego Lily which also includes the first ranking list using the Fertig method
2009 UNPS Utah rare plant list published 11/01/09 (companion to the 2009 newsletter above)
1991 Field Guide Cross Reference List (PDF)
1991 Field Guide Comments, Updates and Errata
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Utah rare plants

List of vascular plant taxa:
Total of 291 taxa listed here (there are more to be added - see rare plant master list).
Plants occurring in Utah with a formal federal status as of 6/24/20:
25 listed (12 LT, 13 LE)
2 candidates (C) (candidate count increased from 3 to 5 on 10/25/16 due to a Colorado court decision then less 3 on 12/19/18)
For an explanation of NatureServe rankings including G-ranks and S-ranks, see NatureServe Conservation Status Assessment
ESA status codes: LE=listed as endangered; LT=listed as threatened; C=Candidate species; PE=Proposed Endangered; PT=Proposed Threated; EM=Emergency listing package submitted; NOR=Notice of review
See bottom of this page for a brief discussion of taxa formally federally listed from Utah.
NOTE: please refer also to the latest UNPS Rare Plant Committee lists published in Calochortiana, the UNPS botanical research journal, for the most current information.
Taxa as ranked by the UNPS Rare Plant Committee since 2009:
Year exH High Total
2009 31 114 145
2012 31 119 150
2014 37 135 172
2016 38 142 180
2019 50 139 189
Comments: exH species are all globally rare and all but two are local endemics. Over 80% of the High priority species are local endemics. The rest are mainly regional endemics but also include a few state rare taxa.
Last update: 03/09/21 What's new
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Formal (scientific) name
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Informal (common) name Family common name
see taxonomy section
NatureServe ranks (NR=not ranked)
ESA status
exH Extremely high
H High
W Watch
M Medium
L Low
N Need data
Nr Not reviewed
X Extinct/extirpated
Aliciella cespitosa Rabbit valley gilia Phlox G2
formerly C as Gilia caespitosa NOR 12/15/80, removed CNOR 9/12/06
Aliciella latifolia subsp. imperialis Cataract gilia Phlox G4T2 H
Aliciella tenuis
(syn. Gilia kareniae as corrected under ICBN Art 60.11)
Mussentuchit gilia Phlox G1
Allium geyeri var. chatterleyi Chatterley onion Lily G4G5T2 W
Allium passeyi Passey onion Lily G1 W
Androsace chamaejasme var. carinata Sweet-flowered rock jasmine Primose G5T4
Angelica wheeleri Utah angelica, Wheeler's angelica Parsley (Carrot) G2 W
Aquilegia desolaticola Desolation Canyon columbine Buttercup GNR W
Aquilegia flavescens var. rubicunda LinkTrail columbine Buttercup G5T1 H
Aquilegia fosteri Foster's columbine Buttercup GNR W
Aquilegia grahamii Graham's columbine Buttercup G1 W
Aquilegia loriae Lori's columbine Buttercup GNR W
  Aquilegia scopulorum var. goodrichii Goodrich's columbine Buttercup G3?TNR H
Arabis beckwithii
This entity will likely be removed in the near future; genus name if retained will be changed Boechera, and species to B. puberula
Beckwith rockcress Mustard G2? W
(as B. puberula)
Arabis glabra var. furcatipilis
(considered to be a synonym of Turritis glabra and not recognized as a separate taxon; to be removed)
Tower mustard Mustard G5TNR
Arabis lasiocarpa - see Boechera lasiocarpa      
Arctomecon humilis Dwarf bearclaw poppy, Low bearclaw poppy, Low bear-poppy Poppy G1
LE 11/6/79
Artemisia campestris var. petiolata Petiolate wormwood Sunflower G5T1?
Artemisia norvegica var. piceetorum Spruce wormwood Sunflower  
Asclepias cutleri Cutler milkweed Milkweed G3 W
Asclepias welshii Welsh's milkweed Milkweed G1
LT 10/28/87
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum Black spleenwort Fern G5
Aster kingii var. barnebyana Barneby's woody aster Sunflower G3T1
(Tonestus kingii var. barnebyana)
Aster kingii var. kingii King's woody aster Sunflower G3T3
(Tonestus kingii var. kingii)
Aster welshii Welsh aster Sunflower G2 W
Astragalus ampullarioides Shivwits milkvetch Pea G1Q
LE 9/28/01
Astragalus ampullarius Gumbo milkvetch Pea G2 H
Astragalus anserinus Goose Creek milkvetch Pea G2
formerly C 9/10/09
74 FR 46521 46542, removed 10/08/2015 80 FR 60834 60850
Astragalus argophyllus var. stocksii
previously treated as Astragalus henrimontanensis
Dayna's milkvetch Pea G5T2T3Q W
Astragalus concordius Harmony milkvetch Pea GNR W
Astragalus consobrinus Bicknell milkvetch Pea G2G3 M
Astragalus cronquistii Cronquist milkvetch Pea G2 H
Astragalus cutleri Cutler milkvetch Pea G4T1T2
(A. preussii var. cutleri)
Astragalus desereticus Deseret milkvetch Pea G1
(formerly LT, see bottom)
Astragalus diversifolius Mesic milkvetch Pea G2 H
Astragalus equisolensis Horseshoe milkvetch Pea G5T1
(Astragalus desperatus var. neeseae)
formerly C NOR 9/27/85, removed CNOR 9/12/06
Astragalus hamiltonii Hamilton's milkvetch Pea G1 H
Astragalus harrisonii Harrison's milkvetch Pea G2G3 H
Astragalus holmgreniorum Holmgren milkvetch, Paradox milkvetch Pea G1
LE 9/28/01
Astragalus kelseyae Kelsey's milkvetch Pea G1 exH
Astragalus iselyi Isely's milkvetch Pea G1 exH
Astragalus jejunus var. jejunus Starveling milkvetch Pea G3T3 W
Astragalus laccoliticus Caineville milkvetch Pea   N
Astragalus lentiginosus var. pohlii Pohl's milkvetch Pea G5T1 exH
Astragalus limnocharis var. limnocharis Navajo Lake milkvetch Pea G2T1 W
Astragalus limnocharis var. tabulaeus Table Cliff milkvetch Pea G2T? W
Astragalus loanus Loa milkvetch Pea G1 H
Astragalus montii Heliotrope milkvetch Pea G2T1
(as A. limnocharis var. montii)
LT 11/6/87
Astragalus monumentalis Monument milkvetch Pea G4 W
Astragalus musiniensis Ferron milkvetch Pea G3 L
Astragalus oophorus var. lonchocalyx Pink egg milkvetch Pea G4T2 M
Astragalus perianus
Rydberg's milkvetch Pea G3
(formerly LT, see bottom)
Astragalus piscator Fisher milkvetch Pea G2G3 W
Astragalus pubentissimus var. peabodianus Peabody's milkvetch Pea G4TNR N
Astragalus sabulosus Cisco milkvetch Pea G1T1 H
Astragalus striatiflorus Escarpment milkvetch Pea G3 H
Astragalus subcinereus var. basalticus Basalt milkvetch Pea  
Astragalus uncialis Currant milkvetch Pea G2 W
Astragalus vehiculus Stage milkvetch Pea G1T1
(as A. sabulosus var. vehiculus)
Astragalus welshii Welsh milkvetch Pea G2G3 H
Astragalus zionis var. vigulus Guard milkvetch Pea   W
Atriplex canescens var. gigantea Dunes four-wing saltbush Goosefoot G5T1 exH
Boechera duchesnensis
Duchesne rockcress Mustard NR
(G5T1 under Arabis pulchra var. duchesnensis which is out of date)
Boechera falcatoria Grouse Creek rockcress Mustard G1G2
(Arabis falcatoria)
Boechera harrisonii Harrison's rockcress Mustard G1
Boechera lasiocarpa Wasatch rockcress Mustard G3
(Arabis lasiocarpa)
Boechera schistacea Divided rockcress Family G3?
(Arabis schistacea)
Boechera vivariensis Park rockcress Mustard NR
Botrychium crenulatum Wavy moonwort Adder's tongue G3
Botrychium lineare Slender moonwort Adder's tongue G1
C 6/6/01, removed CNOR 12/6/07
Botrychium paradoxum Paradox moonwort Adder's tongue G2 N
Calochortus ciscoensis Cisco Sego Lily Lily GNR W
Camissonia atwoodii
More recently treated as Chylismia atwoodii
Atwood's camissonia Evening primrose G2 W
Camissonia bairdii
More recently treated as Chylismia scapoidea subsp. macrocarpa
Baird's camissonia Evening primrose G1 W
Camissonia exilis
More recently treated as Chylismia exilis
Slender camissonia Evening primrose G1
Camissonia gouldii
More recently treated as Eremothera gouldii
Gould's camissonia Evening primrose G1? W
Carex curatorum Canyonlands sedge Sedge G2 W
Carex haysii Hays sedge Sedge   H
Carex specuicola Navajo sedge Sedge G2
LT 5/8/85
Castilleja aquariensis Aquarius paintbrush Figwort G2
formerly C NOR 12/15/80, removed CNOR 9/12/06
Castilleja parvula Tushar paintbrush Figwort G2 H
Castilleja revealii Reveal's paintbrush, Bryce Canyon paintbrush Figwort G2 H
Ceanothus greggii var. franklinii Franklin ceanothus Buckthorn G5T1T2 W
Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. psilocarpus Huntington rabbitbrush Sunflower G5T1T2 W
Cirsium ownbeyi Ownbey thistle Sunflower G3 W
Cirsium virginense
C. virginense has been lumped with C. mohavense in the Flora of North America (vol 19, pg 134), and the distinction between perennial (C. virginense) and biennial (C. mohavense) may not be valid. Even if recognized as C. mohavense it would remain rare in Utah at the periphery of its range here, and since C. mohavense is a globally rare species. Might be properly recognized at varietal level.
Virgin thistle Sunflower G2 H
Cleomella palmeriana var. goodrichii Goodrich cleomella Caper G3G4T? H
Corydalis caseana subsp. brachycarpa Wasatch fitweed Fumitory G5T2 H
Cryptantha compacta Mound cryptanth Borage G1 W
Cryptantha creutzfeldtii Creutzfeldt-flower Borage G2 W
Cryptantha grahamii Graham's cryptanth Borage G3 H
Cryptantha johnstonii Johnston's cryptanth Borage G1G2 W
Cryptantha jonesiana Jones cryptanth Borage G2G3 W
Cryptantha ochroleuca Yellowish cryptanth Borage G1? W
Cryptantha osterhoutii Osterhout's cryptanth Borage G2G3 Nr
Cryptantha semiglabra Pipe Springs cryptanth Borage G1? H
Cycladenia humilis var. jonesii Jones cycladenia Dogbane LT 5/5/86 H
Cymopterus acaulis var. higginsii
Cronquist (1997) in Intermountain Flora Vol. 3A included C. acaulis var. higginsii under C. acaulis var. fendleri. Sun et al (2005) in Rhodora determined that C. acaulis was nomenclaturally invalid placing it in Cymopterus glomeratus but without distinguishing any varieties. This leaves the above entity currently in taxonomic limbo.
Higgins spring-parsley Parsley G5T2 H
Cymopterus acaulis var. parvus
Cronquist (1997) in Intermountain Flora Vol. 3A included C. acaulis var. parvus under C. acaulis var. greeleyorum. Sun et al (2005) in Rhodora determined that C. acaulis was nomenclaturally invalid placing it in Cymopterus glomeratus but without distinguishing any varieties. This leaves the above entity currently in taxonomic limbo.
Small spring-parsley Parsley G5T2T3 W
Cymopterus beckii Pinnate spring-parsley Parsley G1
Cymopterus minimus Least spring-parsley Parsley G1G2Q W
Cymopterus purpureus var. jonesii Jones spring-parsley Parsley  
Cypripedium fasciculatum Purple slipper Orchid G4 (S1) W
Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens Large Yellow Lady's-slipper Orchid G5T5 (S1) H
Cystopteris utahensis Utah bladder-fern Fern G3?
Dalea flavescens var. epica Hole-in-the-Rock prairie-clover Pea G5TNR N
Descurainia browniae Brown's tansy-mustard Mustard GNR N
Dodecatheon pulchellum var. zionense Zion shooting-star Primrose GNR W
Dodecatheon utahense Wasatch shooting-star Primrose G4T1 (as a subsp. of D. dentatum) H
Draba brachystylis Wasatch draba Mustard G1G2 M
Draba burkei Burke's draba Mustard G3T2
(as D. maguirei var. burkei)
Draba inexpectata Uinta Mountains draba Mustard G1G2 H
Draba kassii Kass rockcress Mustard G1 H
Draba maguirei Maguire's draba Mustard G3T2 (as Draba maguirei var. maguirei) W
Draba ramulosa Belknap Peak draba Mustard G1 H
  Draba santaquinensis Santaquin draba Mustard GNR M
Draba sobolifera Creeping draba Mustard G2 H
Draba zionensis Zion draba Mustard  
Echinocereus relictus   Cactus   exH
Enceliopsis nudicaulis var. bairdii   Sunflower   exH
Epilobium nevadense Nevada willowherb Evening primrose G2 W
Epipactis gigantea
Giant helleborine Orchid G3G4 L
Ericameria lignumviridis
(syn. Haplopappus lignumviridis; the habitat of this species is incorrectly described in FNA (2016) which in turn was based on Welsh (Utah Flora series) - it is not a riparian species)
Greenwood's goldenbush Sunflower G1
Erigeron canaani Canaan daisy Sunflower  
Erigeron carringtoniae
(considered by an increasing number of sources as a synonym of E. untermannii but there are habitat/elevation/morphological differences)
Carrington's daisy Sunflower GNR W
Erigeron cronquistii Cronquist's daisy Sunflower G2 W
Erigeron garrettii Garrett's daisy Sunflower G2 W
Erigeron goodrichii Goodrich's daisy Sunflower G3 H
Erigeron huberi (to be changed to E. radicatus) Huber's daisy Sunflower GNR W
Erigeron kachinensis Kachina daisy Sunflower G2 H
Erigeron katiae Katie's daisy Sunflower GNR N
Erigeron maguirei Maguire's daisy Sunflower G2
(formerly LE/LT, see bottom)
Erigeron mancus La Sal daisy Sunflower G2 H
Erigeron proselyticus Cedar Canyon daisy Sunflower G3 W
as Erigeron sionis var. trilobatus
Erigeron untermannii
(see also E. carringtoniae which some taxonomists consider to be a synonym of E. untermannii)
Untermann's daisy Sunflower G2 W
Erigeron zothecinus Alcove daisy Sunflower G1
Eriogonum aretioides Widtsoe buckwheat Buckwheat G2 W
Eriogonum brevicaule var. loganum Logan buckwheat Buckwheat G4T2
Eriogonum corymbosum var. cronquistii Cronquist's buckwheat Buckwheat  
Eriogonum corymbosum var. smithii Flat Top buckwheat Buckwheat G1
(as Eriogonum smithii)
Eriogonum mitophyllum Lost Creek wild buckwheat Buckwheat G1G2 exH
Eriogonum natum Son's or Mark's wild buckwheat Buckwheat G2Q H
Eriogonum nummulare var. ammophilum Ibex buckwheat Buckwheat  
Eriogonum ostlundii Elsinore buckwheat Buckwheat G3Q M
Eriogonum pharnaceoides var. cervinum Wirestem buckwheat Buckwheat  
Eriogonum phoeniceum Scarlet buckwheat Buckwheat G1Q
Eriogonum racemosum var. nobile Bluff buckwheat Buckwheat  
Eriogonum racemosum var. zionis Zion buckwheat Buckwheat  
Eriogonum soredium Frisco buckwheat Buckwheat G1
formerly C 02/23/11, removed 12/19/18
Euphorbia nephradenia Utah spurge Spurge G2
Festuca dasyclada Utah fescue Grass  
Frasera ackermaniae Ackerman's green gentian Gentian GNR exH
Frasera gypsicola White River swertia Gentian G1 W
Gutierrezia pomariensis Orchard snakeweed Sunflower GNR W
Hackelia ibapensis Deep Creek stickseed Borage G1 H
Haplopappus crispus Pine Valley goldenbush Sunflower G2
(Ericameria crispa)
Haplopappus zionis
(to be changed to Ericameria zionis)
Cedar Breaks goldenbush Sunflower G2
(Ericameria zionis)
Hedysarum occidentale var. canone Coal-cliffs sweetvetch Pea G5T2 W
Heterotheca jonesii Jones goldenaster Sunflower G2 W
Hoffmannseggia repens Creeping rush-pea Pea G2 L
Hymenoxys lapidicola Rock hymenoxys Sunflower G1Q
Ipomopsis spicata subsp. tridactyla Tushar gilia Phlox G5T2
Iris pariensis

(will probably be removed since type was likely a waif of Iris missouriensis)
Paria iris Iris   exH
Isocoma humilis
(syn. Haplopappus leverichii)
Zion jimmyweed; Canyon goldenweed Sunflower GH
(it is highly unlikely that this species is extinct)
Ivesia shockleyi var. ostleri Ostler's Ivesia, Wah Wah Ivesia Rose G3G4T1 H
Ivesia utahensis Utah Ivesia Rose G2 W
Jamesia americana var. macrocalyx
Treated also as a quadnomial: Jamesia americana subsp. californica var. macrocalyx (Holmgren 1989, Cronquist 1997)
Wasatch Jamesia Saxifrage G5T2 H
Jamesia americana var. zionis
Treated also as a quadnomial: Jamesia americana subsp. californica var. zionis (Holmgren 1989, Cronquist 1997)
Zion Jamesia Saxifrage G5T2 W
Jamesia tetrapetala Four-petal Jamesia Saxifrage G2
Lepidium barnebyanum Barneby's peppergrass Mustard G1
LE 9/28/90
Lepidium huberi Huber's pepperplant Mustard G1G2
Lepidium montanum var. alpinum Alpine pepperplant Mustard G5?T1 H
Lepidium montanum var. claronense Claron pepperplant Mustard G5?T1? W
Lepidium montanum var. neeseae Neese's pepperplant Mustard G5?T2 W
Lepidium ostleri Ostler's pepperplant Mustard G1
formerly C 02/23/11, removed 12/19/18
Lomatium graveolens var. clarkii Clark's lomatium Parsley G5?T? W
Lomatium latilobum Canyonlands lomatium Parsley G1 H
Lupinus caudatus var. cutleri Cutler's lupine Pea G5T2
Lygodesmia grandiflora var. doloresensis
Appears to be a Colorado endemic with the name misapplied to Utah populations.
Dolores rushpink Sunflower G1G2
(L. doloresensis)
Lygodesmia grandiflora var. entrada Entrada rushpink Sunflower G1Q
(L. entrada)
Mentzelia argillosa Arapien stickleaf Stickleaf G2 exH
Mentzelia goodrichii Goodrich's blazingstar Stickleaf G1 exH
Mentzelia multicaulis var librina
More recently treated as Mentzelia librina
Horse Canyon stickleaf Stickleaf G3T1
Mentzelia shultziorum Shultz stickleaf Stickleaf G1 H
Musineon lineare Wasatch musineon Parsley G2 W
Najas caespitosa

(treated in FNA as Najas flexilis but we believe that N. flexilis var. caespitosa is at a minimum appropriate - believed to be extinct)
Fish Lake naiad Naiad G5SNR X
Oenothera cespitosa var. stellae Stella's evening primrose Evening primrose NR H
Oenothera flava var. acutissima Large yellow evening primrose Evening primrose G2 M
Oenothera murdockii Murdock's evening primrose Evening primrose GNR H
Oreoxis bakeri Baker's oreoxis FAMILY G3? H
Oreoxis trotteri Trotter's Oreoxis Parsley G1 H
Papaver radicatum var. pygmaeum Alpine poppy Poppy  
Parrya rydbergii Uinta parrya Mustard  
Pediocactus despainii

COMPARE P. winkleri to P. despainii
Despain's cactus Cactus G2
LE 9/16/87
Pediocactus peeblesianus subsp. fickeiseniae

Fickeisen's Navajo cactus Cactus G1
LE 10/31/13
Pediocactus sileri Gypsum cactus Cactus LE 11/26/79 reclassified LT 12/27/93 H
Pediocactus winkleri

COMPARE P. winkleri to P. despainii
Winkler's cactus Cactus G2
LT 8/20/98
Pediomelum aromaticum var. barnebyi Barneby's breadroot Pea G3T?
Pediomelum aromaticum var. tuhyi Tuhy's breadroot Pea G3T? W
Pediomelum epipsilum Kane breadroot Pea G4?T1
(P. megalanthum var. epipsilum)
Pediomelum pariense Paria breadroot Pea G2G3 W
Penstemon abietinus Firleaf penstemon Figwort (Snapdragon) G2?
Penstemon acaulis var. acaulis Stemless penstemon Figwort G2TNR
Penstemon albifluvis
White River penstemon Figwort G4T1
C NOR 11/28/83,C/PT 8/06/13,withdrawn 8/06/14,C/PT 10/25/16 court vacated 8/6/14 withdrawal
Penstemon ammophilus Sandloving penstemon Figwort G2 W
Penstemon angustifolius var. dulcis Sweet penstemon Figwort G5T2 M
Penstemon bracteatus Platy penstemon Figwort G2 W
Penstemon caespitosus var. suffruticosus Tushar penstemon Figwort G2Q
(P. tusharensis)
Penstemon compactus Mt. Naomi penstemon Figwort G2 W
Penstemon duchesnensis

Background information: Two Under the Radar (URPM March 2010 presentation)
Duchesne penstemon Figwort G4G5T1T2
(P. dolius var. duchesnensis)
Penstemon flowersii

Background information: Two Under the Radar (URPM March 2010 presentation)
Flowers' penstemon Figwort G1 exH
Penstemon franklinii Franklin's penstemon Figwort G1 W
Penstemon gibbensii Gibbens' penstemon Figwort G1 exH
Penstemon goodrichii Goodrich's penstemon Figwort G2 H
Penstemon grahamii Graham's penstemon Figwort G2
C NOR 11/28/83
EM 10/08/02,
removed as C/PT 12/19/06, restored to PT informally 6/9/11,C/PT 8/06/13,withdrawn 8/06/14, C/PT 10/25/16 court vacated 8/6/14 withdrawal
Penstemon idahoensis Idaho penstemon Figwort G2 W
Penstemon navajoa Navajo Mountain penstemon Figwort G1 W
Penstemon parvus Aquarius penstemon Figwort G2
Penstemon petiolatus Crevice penstemon Figwort G2G3
Penstemon pinorum Pinyon penstemon Figwort G1 H
Penstemon scariosus var. cyanomontanus
Blue Mountain penstemon Figwort G4T2 W
Penstemon tidestromii Tidestrom's penstemon Figwort G2G3 H
Penstemon wardii Ward's penstemon Figwort G2G3 H
Perityle specuicola Alcove rock-daisy Sunflower G1 W
Petalonyx parryi Parry's petalonyx Stickleaf G2G3 H
Phacelia argillacea Clay phacelia Waterleaf G1
LE 9/28/78
Phacelia argylensis Argyle Canyon phacelia Waterleaf G1? exH
Phacelia cronquistiana Cronquist's phacelia Waterleaf G1 H
Phacelia howelliana Howell's phacelia Waterleaf G2
Phacelia hughesii   Waterleaf   exH
Phacelia indecora Bluff phacelia Waterleaf G1 H
Phacelia pulchella var. atwoodii Atwood's pretty phacelia Waterleaf G5T1 H
Phacelia sabulonum Pavement phacelia Waterleaf G5T1
(P. pulchella var. sabulonum)
Phacelia utahensis Utah phacelia Waterleaf G2 exH
Phlox cluteana Navajo Mountain phlox Phlox G2 M
Phlox opalensis Bridger Basin phlox Phlox G3
Physaria garrettii Garrett's bladderpod Mustard G2 W
Physaria lepidota var. membranacea Lepidote twinpod Mustard G3T2? Nr
Physaria stylosa Duchesne River twinpod Mustard G1
Physaria tumulosa Kodachrome bladderpod Mustard G1Q
LE 11/5/93
(as Lesquerella tumulosa)
Platanthera zothecina Alcove bog-orchid Orchid G2
Podistera eastwoodiae Eastwood podistera Parsley G3 W
Potentilla angelliae Angell's cinquefoil Rose G1 W
Potentilla cottamii Cottam's cinquefoil Rose G1 M
Potentilla paucijuga La Sal cinquefoil Rose NR H
Primula domensis House Range primrose Primrose G1 H
Primula maguirei Maguire's primrose Primrose G1
LT 8/21/85
Proatriplex pleiantha Four-corners orach Goosefoot G3 W
Psorothamnus polydenius var. jonesii Jones indigo bush Pea G5T1T2
Psorothamnus thompsoniae var. whitingii Whiting's indigo-bush Pea G3?T2
Ranunculus aestivalis Autumn butterup Buttercup G1
LE 7/21/89
Salix arizonica Arizona willow Willow G2G3
Salvia columbariae var. argillacea Chinle chia Mint G5TNR exH
Schoenocrambe argillacea Clay schoenocrambe Mustard G1
LT 1/14/92
Schoenocrambe barnebyi Barneby's schoenocrambe Mustard G1
LE 1/14/92
Schoenocrambe suffrutescens Shrubby reed-mustard Mustard G1
(as Glaucocarpum suffrutescens)
LE 10/6/87
(as Glaucocarpum suffrutescens but changed to Schoenocrambe on 1/14/92 57 FR 1398)
Sclerocactus blainei Blaine's little barrel cactus Cactus G1G2Q exH
Sclerocactus brevispinus

COMPARE S.brevispinus, S. glaucus (does not occur in Utah) and S. wetlandicus
Pariette cactus Cactus G1
LT 9/15/09
(under S. glaucus since 10/11/79)
Note: a positive 12-month finding issued 9/18/2007 found that LE status was appropriate, but remains in limbo as warranted by precluded.
Sclerocactus wetlandicus Uinta basin hookless cactus Cactus G1
LT 9/15/09
(under S. glaucus since 10/11/79)
Sclerocactus wrightiae

COMPARE S. wrightiae and S. parviflorus, two unrelated species that are sometimes confused with one another
Wright's little barrel cactus; Dorde's cactus Cactus G2
LE 10/11/79
Selaginella utahensis Utah spikemoss Spikemoss G2G3 W
Senecio castoreus
To be changed to Packera castoreus
Beaver Mountain groundsel Sunflower G1
(Packera castoreus)
Senecio fremontii var. inexpectatus
Will remain under Senecio
Dwarf mountain groundsel Sunflower G5T1 H
Senecio malmstenii
To be changed to Packera malmstenii
Podunk groundsel Sunflower G1
(Packera malmstenii)
Senecio musiniensis
To be changed to Packera musiniensis
Musiena groundsel Sunflower G1 H
Silene petersonii Maguire's campion Pink G2G3 M
Sphaeralcea caespitosa var. caespitosa Jones globemallow Mallow G2TNR W
Sphaeralcea fumariensis Smokey Mountain mallow Mallow GNR H
Sphaeralcea gierischii Gierisch's globemallow Mallow G1
LE 9/12/13
(C CNOR 12/10/08)
Sphaeralcea janeae Jane's globemallow Mallow G1 H
Sphaeralcea psoraloides Psoralea globemallow Mallow G2 H
Sphaeromeria capitata Head sphaeromeria Sunflower G3 M
Sphaeromeria ruthiae Ruth's sphaeromeria Sunflower G2 W
Spiranthes diluvialis Ute lady's tresses Orchid G2
LT 1/17/92
Stephanomeria occultata   Sunflower   exH
Stephanomeria tenuifolia var. uintaensis
(questionable taxon)
Uinta wirelettuce Sunflower G5T1
(S. minor var. uintaensis)
Talinum thompsonii
(name will be changed to Phemeranthus thompsonii)
Thompson's talinum Purslane G1 H
Terraria haydenii Hayden's mustard Mustard GNR exH
Tetradymia canescens var. thorneae   Sunflower   exH
Thelesperma pubescens var. caespitosum
Included under T. subnudum by FNA
Duchesne greenthread Sunflower G1TNR
Thelesperma pubescens var. pubescens
Included under T. subnudum by FNA
Uinta greenthread Sunflower G1TNR
Thelesperma windhamii

Included under T. subnudum by FNA
Alpine greenthread Sunflower G5T2
(T. subnudum var. alpinum)
Thelypodiopsis ambigua var. erecta Kanab thelypody Mustard G2G3
Townsendia aprica Last chance townsendia Sunflower G2
LT 8/21/85
Townsendia goodrichii Sherel's Townsendia Sunflower G1 H
Townsendia jonesii var. lutea Sigurd townsendia Sunflower G4T2 H
Townsendia montana var. caelilinensis Skyline townsendia Sunflower G4T2T3
(T. alpigena var. caelilinensis)
Trifolium friscanum Frisco clover Pea G1
formerly C 02/23/11, removed 12/19/18
Trifolium variegatum var. parunuweapensis
Included more recently within the concept of T. mucronatum subsp. lacerum, synonymous in turn with Trifolium wormskioldii var. arizonicum.
Sand seep clover; Kane white-tip clover Pea none exH
Viguiera soliceps
(name will be changed to Heliomeris soliceps)
Tropic goldeneye Sunflower G2
(Heliomeris soliceps)
Viola beckwithii var. cachensis Beckwith's violet (Shoshone violet) Violet G4S2
recommended: G4T1S1
Viola charlestonensis Charleston Mountain violet Violet G3Q W
Viola clauseniana Clausen's violet Violet G1 exH
Viola frank-smithii Frank Smith's violet Violet G1 W
Xylorhiza cronquistii Cronquist's woodyaster Composite G1Q H
Xylorhiza glabriuscula var. linearifolia Moab woodyaster Sunflower G4T1T2 H
Yucca sterilis Sterile yucca Agave G4G5T1T2
(as Yucca harrimaniae var. sterilis)
Zigadenus vaginatus Alcove death camas Lily G2 M

Taxa formerly federally listed in Utah
Astragalus perianus: listed as threatened effective 5/27/78, delisted eff. 10/16/89, more information (species was listed prematurely prior to being fully surveyed, the indication that it "recovered" by FWS is not accurate; still considered rare and is therefore contained in the list of globally rare plants above; the first ever plant species to be delisted under the Endangered Species Act and for reasons unrelated to taxonomy, delisting action was initiated by Dr. Duane Atwood then of the USFS)
Astragalus desereticus: listed as threatened Oct. 20, 1999, delisted via rule published Oct. 18, 2018, delisting effective Nov. 19, 2018, more information
Echinocereus engelmanii var. purpureus: listed as endangered 10/11/79, delisted eff. 12/27/89, more information (no longer considered a valid taxon, however, there remains a purple-spined form of Echinocereus engelmanii that warrants conservation attention)
Echinocereus triglochidiatus* var. inermis: listed as endangered eff. 12/7/79, delisted eff. 9/22/93, more information (while no longer considered a valid taxon, this mostly spineless form of what is actually Echinocereus mojavensis* still warrants and receives management attention; *as now understood and unrelated to prior disposition of the "inermis" variety, the species Echinocereus triglochidiatus does not occur in Utah)
Erigeron maguirei: listed as endangered effective 10/7/85 (FR 9/5/85), reclassified to threatened effective 7/19/96 (FR 6/19/96), delisted eff. 2/18/11, more information

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