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Other plants
Caution: these lists are in a very preliminary stage and are by no means even close to being all-inclusive. Please also note that just because a species isn't listed here or on the Rare Plants page does not mean that it isn't rare. It may have been missed, it may have been collected but not yet named or it may have not been discovered yet!
High priority species to be eventually included in Rare plants section as soon as write-up/drawings/photos are available and/or which couldn't be included due to time limitations/other priorities
Species with insufficient information
Species having taxonomic questions
Species vulnerable but either without sufficient threats and/or more common than originally thought (elsewhere if not in Utah), or where rarity is in question, or while narrowly restricted relatively abundant in its range
Watch: species that are endemic and vulnerable or potentially vulnerable, or state rare
Species that are no longer considered to be a valid taxon
High priority species to be included ultimately in the guide
Aquilegia desolaticola
Boechera glareosa (added 3/4/05)
Cypripedium calceolus var. parviflorum
Mentzelia argillosa (a species that was also in the 1991 book)
Phacelia petrosa
Species with insufficient information
Arabis gracilipes (or Boechera gracilipes)
Haploppapus leverichii
Lepidium nanum
Malacrothix stebbinsii
Oenothera caespitosa var. stellae
Phacelia argylensis
Phacelia cottamii
Tricardia watsonii (added 3/9/05: comprehensive status report is needed, rarely collected species, monotypic genus, impacted by livestock grazing and development, if you have status or other information about this species, please contact us)
Species having taxonomic questions
Ambrosia x sandersonii (Hymenoclea sandersonii)
Lesquerella goodrichii
Physaria acutifolia var. purpurea - now P. acutifolia var. repanda
Physaria chambersii var. sobolifera
Vulnerable but not currently thought to be imperiled due to being abundant somewhere within its range even if otherwise limited or due to lack of current threats (due to land ownership for example); or rarity in question (note: this is not a complete list by any means; these are simply some taxa that were considered for inclusion in the guide and could be added at a later date)
Aster kingii var. kingii
Carex leptalea
Draba densifolia var. apiculata equivalent to D. densifolia var. globosa
Draba oligosperma var. juniperina
Enceliopsis argophylla
Erigeron sionis
Penstemon petiolatus (included however in Arizona Rare Plant Field Guide)
Phacelia anelsonii
Townsendia nuttallii
Watch - endemics or other species which are vulnerable or potentially vulnerable, or state rare (and not in some other category above)
Astragalus duchesnensis Uinta basin endemic
No longer a valid taxon
Potentilla pensylvanica var. paucijuga (moved here 5/7/05)

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