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Last updated: 04/05/12
Many individuals have made past contributions of pictures or provided helpful information the sum of which has led to a better and more complete guide than otherwise would have been possible. Below is a specific list of items we need. Whether you have a picture of a taxon not indicated below but is identified elsewhere (we are always looking for supplemental pictures that would be helpful for field ID or generally understanding a species) or is something on the wishlist below that you will permit us to use solely for the purpose of the rare plant guide, please e-mail us at unps@unps.org or we are also happy to receive submissions via regular mail as well; call Tony Frates at 801-277-9240 or e-mail us unps@unps.org and we will give you an address to mail your CD or other electronic media or photographs or slides (we will be happy to scan your photographs or slides and we will return any materials sent to us, simply indicate the return address where they should be sent back to). We are happy to properly acknowledge and credit pictures. While we do not use pictures with embedded copyright notices, submitting material to us for use with the guide does not change any underlying ownership of that material.
Photos are still needed for a number of taxa. Unless indicated otherwise we are looking for both habitat and closeup pictures for each species (flower/fruit/other shots are also more than welcome and desired). Photos do NOT have to exist in digital format and we will in fact be happy to pay for expenses in getting your photographs or slides to us and will return them to you at our expense. Photographers will be credited in connection with all pictures. We will need to obtain your permission to use pictures in conjunction with this project which includes use of the images (a) via the web and (b) via CD or other electronic format that the rare plant guide might be moved to in the future as technology changes and (c) for educational purposes on, or linked to, via the UNPS web site.
Please contact Tony Frates either at unps@unps.org or call 801-277-9240 if you might be interested in contributing to this important project.
(genus, species and variety names not italicized in these lists as would normally be the case)
Allium geyeri var. chatterleyi (could use a true habitat shot)
Aquilegia desolaticola
Arabis glabra var. furcatipilis (closeup only)
Boechera (Arabis) beckwithii (will probably be dropped)
Boechera (Arabis) schistacea
Carex curatorum (habitat)
Carex haysii (habitat)
Eriogonum corymbosum var. cronquistii (habitat only)
Eriogonum racemosum var. nobile
Gilia latifolia var. imperialis
Iris pariensis
Lupinus caudatus var. cutleri
Phacelia cronquistiana
Phacelia petrosa
Podistera eastwoodiae
Townsendia montana var. caelilinensis (habitat only)
Diagrams (line drawings)
Diagrams are needed for a number of species as follows:
Aquilegia flavescens var. rubicunda (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Arabis beckwithii (will probably be dropped)
Arabis glabra var. furcatipilis
Boechera duchesnensis
Arabis schistacea (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Astragalus concordius (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Astragalus laccoliticus (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Astragalus pubentissimus var. peabodianus (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Chrysothamnus nauseosus var. psilocarpus (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Cleomella palmeriana var. goodrichii (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Cymopterus acaulis var. parvus (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Draba ramulosa
Eriogonum racemosum var. zionis
Lepidium montanum var. alpinum (completed in 2007, but not the right taxa, not yet added)
Pediomelum aromaticum var. tuhyi (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Penstemon scariosus var. cyanomontanus (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Phacelia petrosa (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Physaria acutifolia var. purpurea (P. repanda?) (completed in 2006, soon to be added)
Physaria chambersii var. sobolifera (completed in 2007, soon to be added)
Physaria stylosa
Sphaeralcea janeae
Stephanomeria tenuifolia var. uintaensis
Townsendia montana var. caelilinensis
Trifolium variegatum var. parunuweapensis (in progress 2010)
Viola clauseniana
Xylorhiza glabriuscula var. linearifolia